OkGameOver. An end of the world party in Chicago.

Concept: Merge art and music for an end of the world theme party... where Burning Man meets Lolla.

Leave your idealisms, judgment, and doubts at home, because on this night we transcend the body and embrace our souls. As the clock ticks down at the world’s end we bring together our friends of old and new for one last moment to celebrate humankind. Push past the evils of world and grab hold of the beauty of life as interpreted through visual art, performances, and fuse it with electrifying music from the ages.

The game, as we know it, is over, so now is the time to be OK with the world and express your inner spirit. No regrets, no heartache, no more wasting a single moment…now, let’s party like it’s our last night on Earth.




Come looking bad ass apocalypstyle, futuristic, military, mayanisque, steampunk, or however you feel like dressing up for the 'end-of-the-world' party.

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Located at SPIN Nightclub (Belmont & Halsted)
800 West Belmont Avenue

Chicago, IL 60657

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